In this ever increasing world of reporting and governance, agile businesses need to be focused on the business, not just involved in the business.

Most small to medium businesses know where they are trying to get to, but sometimes need help in getting there. This is where structured and efficient meetings can assist.

We can chair your board meetings together with assist with agenda preparation and minute taking. Post meeting, we can help with follow up of action items. The role of the Chair is to ensure effective communication and equal contributions. The chair also ensures the effective delivery of the meetings.

The themes discussed at each meeting will be customised to suit your business need. They may include:

  • Budget analysis
  • Business planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Marketing
  • Operation updates
  • Property development
  • Production planning

Following each board meeting, there will be projects and actions which require follow up. These items will be allocated to individual board members in agreeance at each meeting.

You may wish to invite other service providers to a meeting throughout the course of the year. We can facilitate this.

Our services include one-off or ongoing reporting and governance requirements.

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